hi, i'm lu & this is the hub for sites/projects i've dipped my fingers into.
some of them are all mine, some are made for other artists.

if you feel inspired to create your OWN website, check out
>> neocities <<
- it's where i rekindled my love of "web 1.0".

be raw, be real, be radical -- carve your space, make a website!

xoxo, lu

[lu's personal site - inspired by geocities <3]

[diy publications. like a blog, only with paper and staples]

[free printable resources for snail mail fans]

[an awesome sacramento-based rock 'n' roll band]

[a webring I created for other handmade sites. ]

for the uninitiated, this is a tagboard!
it's sort of like a guestbook, I guess?

please feel free to leave a note, but don't be naughty!

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