hi! if you're seeing this, it probably means you're viewing this page on a mobile device (or with an old CRT monitor. in which case.. cool).

unfortunately, this page is designed for desktop viewing, with a screen res of, at the very least, 1024x768. please come back when you're at a computer!

I'm very, very, very slowly learning about responsive web design, so I'll update this with mobile-friendly pages as I come up with them. In the mean time, please enjoy this cute cat gif. or find my email address to yell at me

just kidding. plz don't do that. you aren't missing much.. and i'm sensitive, you know. ~L

hiii, my name is lindsey, and thissss is my home on the internet

this entire page is literally a response to me trying to learn how to make a website like a grownup I'm not a web designer, I'm a web artist, and by artist, I mean whatever the digital version of fingerpainting with your toes is.

it's fun. i've met lots of cool people through this hobby. it's enough of a niche interest that it's fairly easy to connect with other people who are interested in making websites, and it feels damn good to find a nice comment in yr guestbook.

my sites, w/ selected pages that i particularly like:

lulu in cyberspace, my current personal site/digital scrapbook/colorful disaster. it's a hot mess, and i wouldn't have it any other way.
a tribute to my favorite musician in the entire world
record store dispatch, silly things that customers actually said

poor laika, my personal site from 2016-2019. no longer updated. still proud of my midi radio player.
"site intro". i wrote this in 2016 so certain things are, uh, no longer accurate. but i stand by everything i said about the creative possibilities outside social networking sites.
some poems that i shared on poor laika.

wash your hands, a standalone piece about a game i found on itch.io. content warning: it's about the covid pandemic + death.